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EV2 is one of our Gen2 services. It has more consistent and documented error handling mechanism and was developed with a newer framework. EV2 is much more reliable and should always return its findings within a few seconds. EV2 is much faster and smarter than the original EV. It uses a combination of systems to get as much detailed information, especially SMTP level checks, as possible. The system has background processes that are constantly gathering information. If we were not able to get a piece of information on the first request, it is likely a background process will grab that information and have it ready for you next time. EV2 combines all the functionality of its predecessor and more into just two new validation operations. There is also a completely new operation, CorrectEmail, which tries to correct addresses that are syntactically bad.




In order to get the SMTP box level check we must hit the mail server real-time, or somehow already know that it is good. The problem is that we have a important company policy that prevents us from making too many requests, within a certain time period, to the same mail server. So even though we make many requests to the common mail servers like, we do not always have enough available requests at that time to do the SMTP level checks.

I ran the same email twice with the ValidateEmailFast operation. The second request returned SMTP level information but the first time it did not. What happened?

Our system has background processes that constantly monitor new requests. We did not have the information on the first request, but the background process saw the request, and gathered the information so that it was instantly available the next time you requested it. Note: This does not mean we will always be able to do this, especially with common domains where we may have exceeded the maximum number of requests. 

I have a bunch of emails that I absolutely must have the SMTP level information for, what should I do?


We get our data from a variety of public and proprietary sources. We also do real-time checks, as well as have background processes that are constantly getting new data.

Does your service hammer popular mail servers like with real-time SMTP requests? Do you run the risk of getting blocked from any mail servers?

We have a company policy to limit the number of requests per time period to a specific mail server. So to answer the question, yes we hit common mail servers often but never more than our limit. Our limit modestly set so that we do not overly disturb any mail servers. Because we carefully limit and monitor the requests to all mail servers we are very unlikely to ever get blocked from any mail server. In the unlikely event that we do get blocked, we have backup plans in place to insure that our service will continue to return top quality data.

I'm not technical, but I have a list of email addresses I want to validate. Can you run my list for me?