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DOTS Address Detective International ("ADI") is a utility service that provides tools to provide greater insight to existing data points, go outside of the box on complex location based problems and help clean up extremely messy data points.


ADI's FindBestCountry can help clean up messy CRMs, localize sales and marketing more effectively by providing the proper geographic location, or help companies identify a customer's location to remain compliant when dealing with data protection laws like GDPR.

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Developer Guide Map


This section lists the DOTS Address Detective International operations and goes into the details behind the inputs and outputs. 


This is a list of some of the questions we hear more often that you can reference and get answers on right away.

Integration Basics

Integrating ADI into your application should be easy and straightforward.  If you are using a common platform, Service Objects may already have sample code built that you can use.


However, if you are using a common platform that does not already have sample code, you can ask Service Objects to build you an example.  Email for more details.

Web Service Structure:

Web services are methods that integrate with other applications via the web, and encapsulate tricky business logic.  Web services are too large of a topic to cover in this document, but Service Objects has developed its web services to be as easy to integrate and as accessible as possible.