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This operation will return the best available tax rate match with the given input. If the given address input cannot be resolved or found, the operation will provide a Zip level match if the given zip code is valid. The service will provide a total tax rate for the given input as well as the different CountryDistrict, CityDistrict, City, County and State rates that the comprise the total rate returned. This operation also has the ability to determine whether or not a given address may be in an unincorporated area.  If the IsUnicorporated flag is returned in the NotesDesc field, then appropriate logic should be implemented to remove the city or and city district rates from the total rate as those would not apply for the given input. If the MatchLevel returned is "Zip" then this operation can also return multiple tax rates for the different tax jurisdictions combinations within the particular zip code. In this case, it would be up the user to determine what tax rate would prove to be the best match for the given input.