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List of Operations

RunNCOALive (Recommended Operation)

Submit 1-500 name and address records at once and apply it to an open Job via an ID that you created. You will receive an array of addresses that are standardized along with any COA matches that were found.


Submit a single name and address along with an open Job ID. You will receive a result for the single address along with any COA details if a COA match was found. Note that this operation requires an open Job ID, therefore you must first use the RunNCOALive operation to submit a 100 record batch and create a new Job ID before this operation can be used.


Returns all necessary data as part of the USPS's CASS Summary Report. These data include things like total records, total zip+4 encoded, etc.


Returns all necessary data as part of the USPS's NCOALink Summary Report (also referred to as the "PSR"). These data include things like report completion date, List Name, and also general statistics of the batch.


This is a convenience operation which will provide a list of all jobs this key has run or is currently running. This can be used to generate new Job Ids, or for general informational purposes.

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