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Which Operation Should You Use? GetLocationByIP, GetCountryByIP, or GetLocationByIP_V4?

Picking which operation you want to use is simple. If you only need to know which country an IP address belongs to, GetCountryByIP is the best operation. If you can use more specific data, such as the region or city, then GetLocationByIP_V4 is the best operation. Use of GetLocationByIP (or the V2 or V3 operation) is not recommended, as it is deprecated and replaced by GetLocationByIP_V4. The best suggestion is to try out each operation to find the data you need.

Why is there an operation that ends with a V4?

When we need to enhance our service in a way that changes input or output interfaces, it's best to create a new operation. If we change the interface of an existing operation, we could potentially adversely affect many existing customers.

If you are a new client or in a position to make a change, it's usually best to switch to the new operation as it likely has important new enhancements.

The Sample Code is Giving Strange Errors or is Crashing!

Most likely, the sample code cannot connect to Service Objects. Many environments will not allow you to connect out on port 80, or will clip out XML data from these requests/responses. The easiest way to check for this is to open a browser on the machine running the sample code. In your browser, navigate to:

Next, try to run one of the operations with your trial key. If you get a browser error, or get no data back, then the sample code won't be able to connect either. Contact your systems or network administrator to resolve why you are not able to connect to Service Objects.

I'm Not a Programmer. How Do I Use DOTS IP Address Validation?

Service Objects runs batches for you! A free batch trial is available at


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