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Test Types

A test type is like a key to a set of instructions for how to process a particular call to GPPL2. In the case of GPPL2, test types are used to determine which datasets to use. Some datasets are more expensive than others and test types can be used to control costs. New test types can freely be added without affecting the data quality or cost for existing users. If they test type field is left blank, then the service will essentially use the "FULL" test type and return information on all types of phone numbers if available.

As the service matures, new data sources will be added from time to time. If these sources affect cost, new test types will be added. An example of a potential new data source would be disconnected number look-ups which are currently only available in the DOTS Lead Validation service. This check is more costly than the normal checks and so a special test type would be used to perform it.

Currently there are only a few available test types, they are:



FULLThis type currently returns the full available datasets. Landline, Wireless,Toll-free and Local Number Portability and CallerID tests are performed. This test provides the highest possible match rate.

This type returns Landline, Toll-free,and carrier data. In addition, CallerID and Local Number Portability tests are performed. It does not check for wireless contacts. More test types will be configured as demand for them is created. But currently these are the only ones needed.

BASICThis type returns Landline, Toll-free,and carrier data. In addition, Local Number Portability tests are performed.
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