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From the first keystroke, our Global Address Complete service will suggest a standardized mailing address based on user input. The service is simple to integrate into any web form whether it is a custom application or ecommerce platform. Global Address Complete is the ONLY Address Suggestion solution that uses USPS data and is CASS compliant.

Global Address Complete enables users to select an address from a drop-down menu of suggested addresses when they start typing their address, reducing keystrokes, misspellings and incorrect address entry. The result is faster data submissions, improved accuracy for shipping and billing information and reduced cart abandonment by as much as 30%. The service also offers an alternative functionality Place Search, which defines what type of place search results you want returned i.e. address, locality, postal code, etc. Currently we are offering a Locality Search Type, which suggests localities or cities based on user input.

We are the only provider to include the industry-leading US Address Validation service to ensure the address selected can receive deliveries by the USPS. In addition, Global Address Complete suggests addresses to the apartment/suite level resolution. Many other autocomplete tools will suggest the primary address but cannot suggest Apt, Unit or Suite numbers nor validate the address for delivery.

Global Address Complete is easily integrated with most ecommerce platforms using our simple JavaScript allowing for quick deployment.

Developer Guide Map

Quick Integration Guide - Address Predict

A quick and simple integration guide to get your DOTS Global Address Complete instance up and running with address predictions

Quick Integration Guide - Place Predict

A quick and simple integration guide to get your DOTS Global Address Complete instance up and running with place predictions

JavaScript fieldMode and Mapping

fieldMode options and examples to customize the DOTS Global Address Complete integration to your liking

JavaScript Options

An overview of the options available when setting up the service.

JavaScript Options Extended

Extended options available when setting up the service. Most notably, this is how region or country exclusions can be applied to a key.

JavaScript Events

Various JS events that may be helpful when setting up DOTS Global Address Complete.

Address Response

Details of the response object.


An overview of the security implemented when setting up the service.

Country Support Table

This section outlines all the countries supported by DOTS Global Address Complete

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of some of the questions we hear more often that you can reference and get answers on right away.

Integration Basics

Integrating AC into your application should be easy and straightforward.  If you are using a common platform, Service Objects may already have sample code built that you can use. However, if you are using another platform that does not already have sample code, you can ask Service Objects to build you an example.  Email for more details. We recommend looking at the Quick Integration Guide to get started.

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