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DPV Codes


DPV Desc


Yes, the input record is a valid mailing address


No, the input record is not in the DPV database of valid mailing addresses


The apartment or rural route box number is not valid, although the house number or rural route is valid


The input record is a valid mailing address, but is missing the apartment or rural route box number


*New corrections may be added over time, and some descriptions may change, but the codes will never change



1LACSLink conversion
2Derived primary number
3City name determined by USPS ZIP+4 alternate city list
4Street name changed to preferred alias
8Input Zip+4 retained
9Directional or Suffix change
10City change
11Added unit designator and secondary number using SuiteLink
12Implied city based on input ZIP code
13Modified primary or secondary number
15Pre or post-directional change
17City name change
18Street suffix change
19Directional shift
22ZIP code change
23State Change
30Swapped Address1 and Address2
31Dropped invalid address info in Address2

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