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The sample code is giving strange errors or keeps crashing!

Most likely, the sample code cannot connect to Service Objects. Many environments will not allow you to connect out on port 80, or will clip out XML data from these requests/responses.

The easiest way to check for this is to open a browser on the machine running the sample code. In your browser, navigate to: Then try to run one of the operations with your trial key. If you get a browser error, or get no data back, then the sample code isn't able to connect either.

Contact your systems administrator to resolve why you are not able to connect to Service Objects.

DOTS Address Geocode – CA says that it cannot find my address!

DOTS Address Geocode – CA doesn't know about every address, especially empty lots or new streets. Often, it won't be able to find coordinates to these locations. We do our best to try to improve the data as often as possible. However, it will often be able to match a postal code. If it cannot match the exact street location, try the GetPostalCodeInfo operation to find how close it can find your data.

We are constantly striving to improve our data! DOTS Address Geocode – CA may not be able to find your location now, but may in the future as we improve our databases.


I am not a programmer. How do I Use DOTS Address Geocode – CA?

Service Objects runs batches for you! A free batch trial is available at

Do you also provide a RESTful interface?

Yes we do! For more information on how to use our RESTful interface go here DOTS Address Geocode - Canada - REST.

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