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Option Overview

Options are used to customize or tailor our Global Address Complete to your specific needs.  In the code it is the second parameter to the Address control object when setting up the integration.  

Address Control Object
var DOTSGlobalAddressComplete= new so.Address(fields, options);

Options allow for some customization of the results that are returned. For example, setting setBiasToIP to true will bias the returned results to the users location as determined by their IP address

var options = { key: CustomKey, setBiasToIP: true };

*In some newer Javascript frameworks, the "options" field will need be explicitly named options and created as a global variable i.e. "window.options = { key: CustomKey, setBiasToIP: true };"

Option Table

keyNo defaultStringThe Custom Key.
isTrialtruetrue, falseDetermines if executing Global Address Complete against our trial or live environment.


true, falseSets the starting location from which results should be return from to the IP location of the user so that if you are in Santa Barbara, CA, USA as you type suggested addresses returned are first from there.
setCountryByIPfalsetrue, falseSets the country selected to the country of the user.
countriesNo default

Various country


Limits the suggestions to by country, for example this can be added to the options to restrict suggestions to Canada, Russia and Sweden:

countries: { codesList:"CAN, RUS, SWE"}

Validatetruetrue,falseSets the selected United States addresses to return validated against our DOTS Address Validation US - 3 Service.
languagePreferenceenVariousTwo letter ISO codes for the language preferred.
promptfalsetrue, falseTurn on additional prompts based on conditions of the suggestions, such as: "No Results Found" or "Keep Typing..."

The maximum number of items to return in the dropdown.

DoPlacefalsetrue, falseSetting this option to "true" will set the component to do place predict suggestions instead of address
SearchTypeLocalityLocality only but will vary in the futureDetermines the Global Address Complete Search Type if specified. If using the Address Search Type, no need to include this field. If a value is placed that does not match with Locality, it will return empty results. More Search Type options coming soon.

*Note, the true/false values are boolean values and not strings.

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